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January 17, 2017 Video Dental TechnologyOral HealthTechnologyTrends in Dentistry

Digital Dentistry with Morton Worsoe

by Oral Health

As Chairman of The Danish Society of Oral CAD/CAM, Morton Worsoe is familiar with changing technology. In this week’s Best Practices video we talk to Morton about how digital dentistry is changing the practice of dentistry. Watch last week’s Best

January 10, 2017 Video

Digital Dentistry with Bobby Chagger

by Oral Health

In the second installment of Best Practices, Dr. Bobby Chagger guides us through the successes and challenges digital dentistry presents in 2017. As technology advances dentists find an ease in guided surgeries and more complex approaches to orthodontics, but must

January 3, 2017 Video DentistryOral HealthPractice Operations

‘Best Practices’ Introduction

by Oral Health

‘Best Practices‘ is a weekly editorial video series exploring clinical dentistry and practice management. Look for advice and expertise on industry developments, office communication, digital marketing and more. Melissa Summerfield, Oral Health Group’s managing director, guides you through this series

November 14, 2016 Video DentistryEditorialImplantology

FAQ #8: Screws vs Cement

by Oral Health

With implants comes a decision: screws or cement? In the eighth installment of the FAQ videos Dr. Mark Lin discusses each option, including their advantages and disadvantages. Dr. Mark Lin has given numerous lectures, presentations and courses on the topics

November 7, 2016 Video

FAQ #7: A Guide to Surgical Guides

by Oral Health

In this FAQ Dr. Mark Lin looks at the three types of surgical guides and what each one brings to the table: Lab Fabricated Conventional Surgical Guide Computer Guided Surgery Dynamic Surgical Guide Dr. Mark Lin has given numerous lectures,

October 31, 2016 Video

FAQ #6: Cone Beams

by Oral Health

Do we require cone beams for all of our patients? Dr. Mark Lin weighs the pros and cons of this method for you and your patients in the latest FAQ installment. Dr. Mark Lin has given numerous lectures, presentations and

October 21, 2016 Video

FAQ #5: Night Guard Appliances

by Oral Health

Night guard appliance design is frequently asked about and an important element in understanding how it’s protecting teeth from grinding and movement. Dr. Mark Lin explains the full arch dual flex design and its benefits. Dr. Mark Lin has given

Overview Thumbnail JDIQ
July 18, 2016 Video

JDIQ 2016: An Overview

by Oral Health

The 2016 JDIQ was a resounding success, with record attendance! The busy exhibit floor offered great opportunities to see new products, talk with leading dental companies and network with colleagues! Mark your calendar today for the 2017 JDIQ, taking place May 26th

ASM16 (1)
May 18, 2016 Video

ASM16: An Overview

by Oral Health

The 2016 ODA ASM was a resounding success, with record attendance! Attendees enjoyed amazing learning experiences with outstanding speaker sessions, hands-on workshops and 2 world class Keynote speakers: Jann Arden and Harley Pasternak! The sold-out exhibit floor offered great opportunities

PDC Overview Thumbnail
April 21, 2016 Video

An Overview of PDC 2016

by Oral Health

With more than 12,900 dental professionals attending the 2016 conference, the Pacific Dental Conference celebrated its highest attendance to date. And it continues to be one of the largest dental conferences in North America. Thank you to all who attended!

New-Patient-Part-1 thumb
March 14, 2016 Video

Powerful New-Patient Experiences

by Oral Health

Tips for Delivering Powerful New-Patient Experiences Part 1 When you sit down with a new patient for the first time, it’s not only you that’s assessing them. The patient is conducting an exam of their own. They are assessing “YOU”!

February 19, 2016 Video

FAQ #4: Peri-Implant Bone Loss

by Oral Health

5 Ideological Factor Associated with Peri-Implant Bone Loss Dr. Mark Lin lists the five ideological factors commonly associated with peri-implant bone loss, before discussing which of the two treatment options – surgical vs non-surgical – he would recommend and why.

ValueCreation thumb
January 29, 2016 Video

Lessons in Value Creation

by Oral Health

Simple Steps to Great Financial Conversations Are “money” barriers getting between you and the ideal care patients deserve. Are you tongue tied when patients bring up cost/money? Would you like to inspire more customers to value the cost of treatment

December 15, 2015 Video

7 Tips to Ensure Your New Practice Thrives

by Oral Health

7 Tips to Ensure Your New Practice Thrives If you just bought an existing practice, or are thinking about buying one, this just may be the most valuable 8 minutes you’ve ever spent watching a video! From the best ways

December 10, 2015 Video

Digital Dentistry: No Longer a Dream

by Oral Health

Oral Health recently had the opportunity to meet up with Dr. Bobby Chagger, following the very successful CEREC 30th meeting in Las Vegas. Dr. Chagger shares his thoughts on the developments in digital dentistry, its benefits for patients and team

December 8, 2015 Video

FAQ #3: Socket Grafting

by Oral Health

Dr. Mark Lin discusses the latest thinking on socket grafting, including whether it should be standard after every tooth extraction or limited to instances where the buccal plate has been compromised. Dr. Mark Lin has given numerous lectures, presentations and courses

November 26, 2015 Video General Practice

The 411 On Your Student Debt

by Oral Health

Dr. Wilson Chen, BSc., DDS, CFP, FMA, weighs the pros and cons of various strategies and approaches to paying down the sizeable student debt accrued by recent graduates from dental college. Dr. Chen graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1992

September 29, 2015 Video DentistryImplantology

FAQ #2: Implant Complications

by Oral Health

Dr. Mark Lin discusses the various categories of implant complications. Dr. Mark Lin has given numerous lectures, presentations and courses on the topics of Implant Dentistry (Surgical/Prosthetics), live surgical and prosthetic demonstrations with patient treatment, human cadaver surgical and implant

September 29, 2015 Video DentistryGeneral Practice

FAQ #1: Warranty or Guarantee?

by Oral Health

Dental guarantees and warranties, should you or shouldn’t you? Dr. Mark Lin of TIDE, Inc. – the Toronto Institute of Dental Excellence. Dr. Mark Lin has given numerous lectures, presentations and courses on the topics of Implant Dentistry (Surgical/Prosthetics), live surgical

May 29, 2015 Video Dentistry

2015 JDIQ: An Overview

by Oral Health

Highlights from the 2015 JDIQ in Montreal.