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Maxident and EasyRx

October 19, 2020 MaxiDent

MaxiDent dental practice management software has announced an integration to EasyRx – a universal lab prescription, digital workflow and 3D software platform. This integration allows clinics to make the connection between patient records and EasyRx’s comprehensive lab tracking and management

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The Dental Office Managers Association of Canada & Robertson College

September 22, 2020 Dental Office Managers Association of Canada

The Dental Office Managers Association of Canada has accredited the first dental office administration diploma program; this program is offered by Robertson College. The accreditation process is intended to ensure national standards of education for all dental office administration programs.

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Maxim Software Systems (MaxiDent) to Integrate CDA Secure Send in Practice Management Software

July 13, 2020 MaxiDent

Maxim Software Systems (MaxiDent), through close collaboration with the Canadian Dental Association (CDA), is integrating the CDA Secure Send service platform into its practice management suite effective immediately. MaxiDent Software is one of the leading practice management software in North

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After Selling – Finding a New Life Rhythm

April 3, 2020 Alex Zlatin, MaxiDent

3/3 The Experienced Dentist Pocketbook — A Three Part Series It is done, you’ve gone through due diligence, you are done with all lawyers, accountants and consultants. You have inked the agreement and a sigh of relief is noticeable. Welcome

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MaxiDent Software Partners with Bluejay Reviews for Integrated Online Reputation Management

March 4, 2020 MaxiDent

Automate review requests to improve online reputation for your clinic, seamlessly manage your online reviews from across the entire web. Maxim Software Systems has partnered with online reputation management provider, Bluejay Reviews, to automate review requests, making it easier for

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Preparing to Sell – Decoding Practice Valuation

February 28, 2020 Alex Zlatin, Maxident

2/3 The Experienced Dentist Pocketbook — A Three Part Series At a certain point in time, you feel that you have had enough of owning a clinic. At that point in your life you will have new values, wants and

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Planning to Retire: The Most Important Planning of Your Life

January 31, 2020 Alex Zlatin, Maxident

1/3 The Experienced Dentist Pocketbook — A Three Part Series Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”, throughout our adult life, retiring seems fairly far away. It

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Minimizing Risk Of Ransomware In 10 Easy Steps

August 29, 2019 Alex Zlatin, CEO of Maxident

In any type of job, there are elements we hate, fear and try to avoid. For me, that element is dealing with clients who are hit by ransomware. Whether we are able to assist them in decrypting the data or

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Paid New Dental Management Solutions from Maxident

July 16, 2019 Oral Health

CEO of Maxident, Alex Zlatin, discusses new VOIP software and teases new upcoming digital services that will continue to change dental practice management across Canada.

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Read This Before Going “Paperless”

May 29, 2019 Alex Zlatin

For years now, the word “paperless” has been an ongoing fad in the entire dental industry. It seems like everyone is “going paperless” and everywhere you read about it, the recommendations are always to do it. Well, it is about

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Paid Free, Unlimited Online Training with Maxident Software

April 26, 2019 by Oral Health

Alex Zlatin, CEO of Maxident Software, announces the company’s free, unlimited online training program for dental professionals to take advantage of for their staff and practice. You can purchase Alex’s book here.

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How Marketing Can Save Your Clinic in 2019

March 1, 2019 Alex Zlatin, Maxim Software Systems

In the past, we had product-centric companies and then they shifted to being customer-centric, now today the most successful companies are moving towards being purpose-centric. This means that all aspects of the business, whether it’s marketing, service, R&D, sales, IT,

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3 HR Mistakes Dentists and Office Managers are (Still) Making in 2018

July 2, 2018 Alex Zlatin

Back in the day, when dentists weren’t even using gloves while treating patients, running a clinic was way simpler. It was less stressful as well. So many veteran dentists tell me they are grateful and lucky to be retiring soon

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Paid Digital Practice Management Tools from Maxident

May 31, 2018 by Oral Health

Alex Zlatin, CEO of Maxident, discusses how they are becoming a go-to company for Canadian dentists, with digital technology, HR software, patient acquisition tools and more.

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Paid Dental Software Upgrade from Maxident at PDC 2018

March 29, 2018 by Oral Health

Alex Zlatin, MBA, B.Sc, CEO, Maxident goes through the many new elements of what Maxident is offering in 2018, including a mobile app, HR module, intelligent dashboard and more.