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1 in 7 prefer divorce over visiting the dentist

January 8, 2015
by Kahaliah Richards

Partners In Prevention 1This was one result from a recent survey of UK adults.

While the poor state of oral health in the UK is well known, would the results be any different in Canada when it comes to eagerness to visit the dentist?

The anxiety about the drill and needle is legendary and commonly the cost of dental care is another stopper.

But perhaps there are other reasons too.

Our surveys of patients in Ontario waiting rooms found a big gap in what the dentist offers and what the patient wants.

For example, we asked adult patients to indicate if they had NO interest in these services:

  • dental implants = 61% said they were not interested
  • veneers = 61% said no interest
  • orthodontics (Invisalign) = 77% said no interest

And then we asked these same adults if they had interest in risk assessment and more prevention when needed. The comparable results?

  • 13% had no interest in risk assessment
  • 18% had no interest in more prevention when needed

So, what about that divorce thingy? It seems it could also be about not offering what the customer wants, rather than just anxiety or affordability.

In short, perhaps the customer is “not just that into visiting the dentist” because the services offered are just not that appealing.

By: Ross Perry

Sourced: Partners In Preventionhttp://partnersinprevention.ca/1-in-7-prefer-divorce-over-visiting-the-dentist/