10 things you wish your dentist knew – Auxiliary Survey

Pick up a newspaper, read the news online, listen to the radio or watch TV and the fact that we’re all not slitting our wrists on a daily basis is simply a manifestation of the innate will to survive.  The uncertainty of the economy, the fact that Donald Trump of the surreal combover is considering running for president of the United States and the fact that Rob Ford is a serious candidate for mayor of the big smoke is enough to create a run on valium at the drugstore and vodka at the LCBO

Rob Ford with puppet

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Yet on a daily basis, there is a constant in our lives….those who soldier on by our chairsides, with smiles on their faces and our best interests in their hearts. I’m not talking about the family pooch waiting for table scraps, I’m talking about those in scrubs who keep us on the straight and narrow and do our bidding during sleet, rain, wind and gloom of night, our auxiliaries.  The following is what they want us to know.



We asked and you answered … in a big way.

When we asked the readers of Dental Assisting Digest to rank the top 10 things you wish your dentists knew, we received 1,460 responses. Thanks to each of you who took the time to vote.

You can see the entire listing by clicking here, but here are the top four things that you, the readers of Dental Assisting Digest, wish your dentists knew…

1. I help build your practice. You should compensate me well for my efforts.

 I am proud of my assisting credentials and I wish you would give me the respect and pay I deserve. 

 Say “thank you” when team members work hard, maybe even give them a reward.

 Not all assistants are created the same.

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