13 percent of online adult Americans use Twitter (Twitter begins rolling out new photo service, improved search)

The social media juggernaut is unending. Twitter has just upped the ante by adding images to the 140 word limit thereby recognizing the olde saw that a picture is worth a thousand words. Again, what does this have to do with your dental practice. View the perspective the same way you do radiographs, never look at the image directly, always look slightly askew – you see infinitely more.

report published on Wednesday by Pew Internet has confirmed the growing popularity of Twitter among the American population. The report showed that 13 percent of online adult Americans now use Twitter (up from 5 percent in November 2010), and that of those,half access the service using a phone.

As for the gender split, slightly more males (14 percent) are using the micro-blogging service than females (11 percent). Looking at the ages of users, of 18-29 year olds who are online and living in the US, 18 percent use Twitter, and for the 30-49 age range 14 percent do so. Silver surfers (65+) are also represented, with 6 percent using the service.

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Rumors surfaced just a couple of days ago regarding the micro-blogging site’s intention to unveil its own photo service, and this was officially confirmed on Wednesday. Announced simultaneously at the D9 conference in California and in a post on the Twitter blog, the company said it will be rolling out the new service over the next few weeks. The feature will enable people to use the official Twitter client, as opposed to third-party clients such as TwitPic and yfrog, to post photos. The company also announced that it is overhauling its search system.

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