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5 non-dental APPS that will put your practice into the stratosphere for better forever!

GorillaPod, 360Panorama, Card Munch, Photofunia and Zite – 4 are free, one will cost you .99 cents

http://photofunia.com/ – this one should be self explanatory once you visit the site. It is a photo editing APP that enables you to take an image of anything in your office, anyone in your office and put it into background templates that are spectacular. The seeming technical wizardry it demonstrates can be used for marketing your existing and your future client base…..just play and consider/realize the potential.

http://www.cardmunch.com/ – many dental offices collect cards in the reception area and use them for prize give-aways et al…………however, this APP is tied into LinkedIn………again, view the site, consider how it can be “morphed” into something in your office that you can use to social network your client base. The key to all this is it’s impressive, put you in the technologic stratosphere and gives your clients a reason to share you with their friends and relatives…..

360Panorama – again, just check out the APP and then run, don’t walk to get it and share it with your webdesigner………you can use it to promote your office on your site, you can use it – well, again, just do the math.

GorillaPod – I want you to think Virtual Consultations, then walk through this site, consider the RETINAL DISPLAY OF THE NEW iPAD and let your mind wander through the CLOUDS.

Zite.com – this one is potentially the most incredible social networking APP in history.  You have to ponder upon how to make this work for you, but recognize, it’s about filters, alerts, RSS feeds, push technology. The journal can be used to push articles of interest to anyone using the APP. Ergo, you create your own REUTERS or Associated Press – ONLINE – from your office. Most of your patients have smartphones, that’s a reality and once you set this in motion, this is the perpetual practice newsletter you thought would cost you a zillion dollars, but nuh uh!!! It’s free or .99 cents, I forget.

This particular blog entry is a call to action……..there are some incredible smart folks out there in the dental world; profession and industry. Please comment on this entry, share your understanding of how to best use social media to create a positive ROI on your time. It’s not enough to have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YOUTUBE on your site. If you have the tools, but don’t use them properly, you still can’t build something workable. But if you share information in a collaborative knowledge network, the rest is child’s play……….comment, share, care and you never know what you don’t know until you simply pose the first question.

Ah Stevie, you’re still with us, sob, sniffle and we miss you so………
AND IF THE CONCEPT OF PUSH TECHNOLOGY ISN’T UNDERSTOOD – the blog entry on Porcelain Veneers was written yesterday or the day before and in a matter of hours, AN ALERT brought the following…….Imagine if Oral Health had a ZITE LINK as well.
http://www.slideshare.net/kendo160/the-scienceandartofporcelainveneersbysmile4d – Please share this with colleagues and direct them to MOUTHING OFF……the Internet has provided a literal treasure trove of material to share and a new frontier for learning.And this just popped up on GOOGLE ALERTS – Sunday’s Zaman


Turkey is missing out on a lucrative dental care tourism business with billions of dollars of profit-making potential due to poor promotion, the result of a few necessary legal amendments that have been shelved for years, market representatives argue with Sunday’s Zaman. With its increased popularity for quality health services at relatively lower prices Turkey has attracted a growing number of visitors from abroad, particularly Europe, in the past decade. The country’s first ever full-face transplant that accompanied multiple organ transplants (only recently) didn’t just spark enthusiasm at home but also helped fuel the tide of health tourists to Turkish clinics from surrounding countries. Some argue, however, that the country cannot use its potential to attract foreign dental patients at a desired level. Thousands of foreign tourists visit Turkey to receive dental care, spending millions of dollars at Turkish dentists each year. According to market observer Emin Çakmak, opportunities in dental care tourism can actually be far beyond what Turks anticipate.

http://www.dentsply-friadent.com/en/index_4582.htm – TAKE A COURSE WITH DR. GALIP GUREL

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