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5 Ways to Successfully Market Yourself in Social Media as a Great Dentist

March 16, 2020
by Michael Gorman

Every field of work has become highly competitive in the last few years and dentistry is by no means an exception. With so many clinics in almost every neighborhood, we can notice a lot of dentists trying to grab clients’ attention through digital marketing.

Social networks are one of the most popular digital marketing tools simply because they generate more than three billion daily active users. In other words, social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram give you the opportunity to promote your services both locally and globally.

In this post, we will explain to you the benefits of social media marketing and show you five things to do in order to successfully promote your dental clinic on Twitter, Pinterest, and similar platforms.

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Some clinic owners are not thrilled about investing in social media marketing, but this mostly happens because they do not understand the privileges of such promotion. There are so many benefits to think about here, but we will mention the most relevant pros only:

  • Raise awareness

We already mentioned the number of social media users, so it shouldn’t be hard to recognize the impact it may have on your hopes to raise awareness and get the target audience acquainted with the clinic.

  • Approach local users

Social pages can help you to reach out to nearby clients who are not aware of you and your dental clinic. Using simple location tags, you can address the audience searching for a dental practitioner.

  • Build professional authority

Jake Gardner, a blogger at the essay writer service, says that another benefit of social media marketing is that it enables dentists to build the professional authority by publishing trustworthy content: “That way, potential customers will figure out that you are a reliable practitioner who can solve their problems quickly and effortlessly.”

  • Greater online visibility and website traffic

High-quality social media content can also help you to attract more visitors to the website and boost ranking in engine searches. This is very important because 93% of all traffic comes from Google and other search tools.

  • Cost-efficiency

The last benefit on our list is related to marketing budgets. No one enjoys spending a small fortune on promo activities, which is why so many businesses love social platforms. After all, you don’t have to spend a dime on social media marketing, particularly if you are able to produce relevant content consistently.

5 Things to do to Make the Most of Social Media Marketing

The benefits of social media marketing for dental clinics are evident, but how can you take advantage of it? We can give you five highly practical suggestions that you can use to improve your social media strategy.

  1. Choose the right channels

The fact that you are using social media for marketing purposes does not mean that you have to create an account on every single platform out there. On the contrary, you should go where the target audience goes and choose the right channels exclusively.

What kind of clinic are you running? Are you attracting mainly older people or high school kids? What you do will impact the selection process, but we do recommend you to utilize networks focusing on visual content.

For instance, professional essay writers suggest using the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, but they also recommend Twitter and LinkedIn if you think it might give you additional exposure.

  1. Publish great content consistently

Social networks require constant engagement. In other words, you will have to publish quality content daily and interact with followers whenever they post a nice comment or ask questions.

What can a dentist talk about online?

The options are almost countless as you can publish oral hygiene tips, clarify common misconceptions, write educational posts, present important niche statistics, and so on. And if you combine it with visually appealing formats like images, videos, and infographics, rest assured the audience will love your promo content.

  1. Take advantage of live video

Live streaming is a big deal in the marketing realm, so you better take advantage of it to drive user engagement. The idea is easy to figure out – you can go live to discuss important topics about your work and your clinic, while the audience can post questions in comments. It’s a superior tactic to increase watch times as each user will gladly wait for you to answer his/her question.

  1. Exploit social media advertising

In case you haven’t heard already, social media gives you incredible advertising solutions that you should exploit to approach the target audience. For instance, this is how Facebook Ads function:

  • Core audiences: You can target people based on demographic traits such as age or gender, but the location is probably the most important factor for dental practices.
  • Custom audiences: There is also the option of targeting users who already visited your website or established any other sort of interaction with your clinic online.
  • Lookalike audiences: Finally, you can choose to target users who look like your current customers.
  1. Promote events and special offers

The last tip on our list is to use social media marketing to promote special offers and community events. You can spread the word about one-time offers, special prices, discounts, family packages, and all the other deals that your fans could consider relevant.

Besides that, you can organize and promote community events and invite people to take part in local activities. It allows you to meet potential customers in person and convince at least some of them to become regular clients.

The Bottom Line

Social media marketing is a big opportunity for dentists to spread the word about their services and attract new clients. It’s a long-term promotion tool, which is why you need to craft a good strategy and invest a lot of time in execution and engage daily.

In this post, we explained to you the benefits of social media marketing and showed you five things to do in order to successfully promote your dental clinic on social platforms. Our job is done here, so now it’s your turn to take action and make use of social media for marketing purposes!

About the Author

Michael Gorman is a digital marketer at the coursework writing service and a part-time blogger at several dissertation writing services. Michael is a social media specialist, but he also enjoys writing about email campaigns and display advertising. He is the father of two kids and a dedicated long-distance runner.