50 ways to lose your liver – it’s a game changer alright

The 50 Greatest Game Changers in Dentistry

Townies were asked one simple question: In your opinion, what person,event,story, technology, product or service do you think has been the biggest “game changer” in all of dentistry? And here are the results.
What has changed the way you practice dentistry? Is it the soft-tissue laser you love so much you even use it to cut the crust off your sandwich? Is it the eye-opening tutelage from a no-nonsense dental guru? Is it a harsh rule or regulation the government imposed upon the profession? Or maybe something you’ve used all along, but know you would be unable to perform high quality dentistry without it? Whatever the case, whether a dentist has been chairside for 50 years or five minutes – every single one of us has an answer for what’s most impacted the way we practice dentistry.

Dentaltown was curious to find out what you thought the biggest game changers in dentistry were. So, before Townies opened their ballots for the 2010 Townie Choice Awards, we asked one simple optional question: In your opinion, what person, event, story, technology, product or service do you think has been the biggest “game changer” in all of dentistry?

We thought we might get 100 answers, tops. But, man, were we wrong! More than 1,600 Townies answered the fill-in question. Some answers, we thought, were pretty spot on – others, like “my emergence into the dental field” and “my birth,” well, some Townies are well known for their sense of humor…

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As we tallied up the votes for the Townie Choice Awards, we compiled the “game changer” data and pared your responses down to the 50 most popular answers. Then we asked members of our Editorial Advisory Board, popular contributors to Dentaltown Magazine, and well-known dental industry professionals to weigh in on why they thought the following 50 items were considered game changers by the Townies. Herein we are proud to present the results and reasoning for the 50 Greatest Game Changers in Dentistry, in no particular order…

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