6 Marketing Ideas to Boost Revenue for Your Dental Office

by MA Team

Dental marketing is a tricky thing. You don’t want to bombard your patients with ads, but you do need to get their attention in some way. If you do not make them aware of your dental office’s existence, then there will be no one for them to see! One of the best ways that dentists can market themselves is by giving out freebies or discounts on services every now and then. Many people are more likely to visit a business if it has something special going on — even if it doesn’t directly apply to them!

List of the top 6 dental marketing ideas

Whether you’re just getting started or want to consolidate your digital presence, these dental marketing strategies can help you build a strong online presence. Let’s get started.

1. Connect with your community

Let’s begin with something traditional and a no-brainer. Establishing strong ties within your community where your dental practice is located is the first thing to do. In the long run, it’s just a great and solid business strategy, especially if most of the people coming to your dental office are locals.

Here, word of mouth is essential. When happy people start talking about your dental office, your services, and all in all experience, this is your best dental patient marketing! Trust plays an extremely important factor in dental care, and becoming familiar with your patients can be in a form of forming friendships and attending events like sports activities or festivals. All this makes a great way of executing creative dental marketing ideas.

You can go as far as to sponsor some of those events from time to time, and eventually, you will boost revenue for your dental office.

2. If you haven’t so far, put up a website for your dental office

The digital part is crucial for executing your marketing ideas for your dental office, and it starts with creating a good-looking website for your practice.

Your website is your digital flyer, it’s where your patients can see what services your practice offers, what are the prices, and look at the gallery to see how your dental office looks. Your patients will also be able to read reviews of your past patients and look at some before/after pictures.

Your website is also a good place if you want to publish some content that you believe is informative, beneficial, or existing and that patients will find relevant, useful, and valuable.

You can list all your dental treatments and services that can provide them with a lovely smile, articles that offer oral care instructions to help keep their teeth and mouth healthy, and even videos showcasing your cutting-edge facility.

Creating user profiles of your staff is also an excellent approach to introduce patients to the rest of the crew. In short, websites are perfect for broadcasting your dental marketing ideas.

3. Make yourself present on social media

Whether you’d like to accept it or not, social media is inevitable — exactly like tooth decay if you decide not to brush your teeth.

However, not all businesses have a website, which is why social media is a must in all dental marketing strategies. The use of social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, which each have a billion active users, has evolved into an extremely valuable business tool you should use to publish your dental tips and knowledge.

Aside from being a fantastic method to advertise your business, social media also allows you to interact and inform your audience further, allowing you to convert them into future clients.

4. Surprise your patients with special offers

When it comes to dental marketing ideas, special offers can take a variety of forms. You might give away a free consultation for new patients, or you could offer a discount on services for people who book an appointment within a certain timeframe. If you’re feeling really generous, you could even give out complimentary products and services such as dental floss or tooth whitening strips.

If you have a particularly devoted client base, consider informing them about dental health in general and how it can help them live a healthy life. You might accomplish this by providing relevant blog articles or material on your website.

Consumers like freebies and discounts. As part of some special offers, you might offer free dental checkups discounts for the following visit or promos for some treatments.

5. Start using email marketing

Getting your patients’ email addresses allows you to connect with them. Emails can be a great tool for advertising your dental practice, and this is where your dental office can shine. You can send patients newsletters, which might include dental care reminders, or post specials and discounts. You can begin by acquiring the patient’s email addresses and then send them reminders about their future appointments. 

When the patient opens your email, they’ll see a colorful layout along with links to printable coupons and discounts for dental services. This is great for dental marketing because it’s so easy for patients to share this information with their friends!

6. Show off positive reviews!

Gather your current patients and dive into their reviews! If they are loyal and years-long customers, then you must be doing something right — exploit that!

Consider having a special section of the site that has nothing but positive reviews; if you’ve got some lovely patients then they will be more than happy to leave you one! Many new patients will certainly do research and read a lot of feedback before selecting a dentist (or any other service for that matter). People will trust you more and feel more at ease scheduling an appointment if you have good online evaluations.

Don’t forget to ask for their approval to use reviews on your website, social media profiles, or other places where potential customers can read what they wrote.

Takeaways: keep your dental practice marketing consistent!

The best basis for any marketing strategy is to keep a consistent way of executing your dental marketing ideas. No matter what dental marketing idea you use, having consistent marketing for your dental office will ensure your dental practice to be memorable and in line with your mission, values, and image.

About the Author

Mike Obradovic is the owner of MA Team Marketing Agency, which offers its services to every small and medium enterprise to increase its visibility in the online and offline world. MA Team helps clients in harnessing the wide reach of the Internet by designing and developing web solutions that will help them in marketing their products to a larger audience.

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