7 deadly sins – scratch that,wrong blog – 7 habits to optimize referrals

By Ken Runkle

Does your practice have a continuous flow of new patient referrals?
Do all team members maximize every opportunity to point new patients to
your practice? Are you meeting your monthly new patient referral goals?

While studying business practices for IBM, Frederick Reichheld
discovered seven habits of referability that led to IBMs early success.
As revealed in his book, The Loyalty Effect: The Hidden Force Behind
Growth, Profits, and Lasting Value
, Reichheld’s research points to
repeatable behaviors which I have found to be directly transferable to
every dental practice.

As you review these seven habits, evaluate how well they are
represented both in your practice and through your team. Focus intently
on your work as the practice leader as well as your entire team’s
efforts in referring new patients. You might be surprised to learn how
many potential new patients you and your team are leaving outside in the

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