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7 Simple Ways To Increase Online Dental Inquiries

December 23, 2019
by Irfan Ahmed, Branex Inc.

For dentists to maximize the earning potential of their practice; they need to maintain an active relationship with their patients. This also helps in establishing long term patients who become committed to the practice.

The world of business today is really tough. Creating the ultimate interactive experience is something each business wishes to have. Dental practices no longer have to be a stranger to this phenomenon because they are in a unique position to increase their patient rosters, allowing them to be in touch with their patients all the time.

It is quite likely that patients will return to the dentist for routine and other necessary check-ups once they have established a good relationship with their dentist. The patients will then be present in the dentist’s diary and sights.

Even if the dentist launches an oral health drive, that will help the practice be discoverable to patients across a variety of networks.

Maintaining a strong and active relationship with patients is the best way for a dental practice to boost its earning potential. It not only creates a long-lasting relationship between the patient and the practice but also that patients will commit to that practice.

Apart from the routine postcard & periodic follow-up calls dentists and dental practitioners use, interacting with them through social media and the digital universe is a good way to keep current patients informed. It also fosters relationships with new patients seeking a reliable dental practice.

It does not necessarily mean that the dentist has to understand computers. They do not have to be tech-savvy in order to maintain an online presence.

There are just a few creative yet simple techniques that need to be followed in order to boost online dental queries and maintain strong relationships with patients.

The 7 simple ways of increasing online dental inquiries

1. Create a unique dental marketing plan

Dentists do not necessarily need to study marketing for this. They can in fact team up with top-class business consultants to learn a bit about business plans and create one. They can start by educating themselves, defining their practice and naming it (branding it).

They also need to lay down the foundation for its branding, marketing & promotion, so they can open up the practice. They can showcase the same on their practice’s website as well as the social media pages so patients and customers alike can stay abreast of any news and updates regarding the practice.

2. Make a truly responsive website of pleasant design (or a mobile app, if possible)

Dentists can hire a digital marketing agency in this regard. Such an agency can help them understand the basics of a website and digital marketing. In fact, such an agency can help them create a responsive website and its optimization, so they can reach more customers easily.

A website can also use educational videos which are not only great for its SEO but also great for existing & prospective patients as well as new customers. The website can also be advertised in local listings.

When the website is live on the internet, the dental practice owners can showcase their profiles and qualifications (they should always show their qualifications such as whether they studied at a top medical school.) They should not feel shy about showing their credentials as such helps build trust in existing and prospective patients.

3. Adding a blog to the website

It does sound basic, but a blog is a really good way of boosting online interaction with patients. A dental practice can make full use of it as it will give patients insight on the practice and explain the specific dental procedures dentists use.

A blog can help explain the various dental procedures employed by dentists. It can also explain the effects of such procedures and what to do if something arises.

Enabling comments on posts will also help boost online interactions. Through this the patient can add an inquiry that can be answered solely by the dental team. It also allows existing patients to comment on certain posts (especially regarding procedures).

The dental practice’s agency can further optimize things by using appropriate tags such as general dentistry, dental surgery, whitening and the like.

4. Make a question & answer forum

At times patients have queries for their respective practitioners. However, time constraints often prevent patients from calling them to ask. Hence, a Q&A forum on the website gives patients insight into how the practice approaches certain scientific treatments as well as how it tackles oral health issues.

5. Include a social media feed

Social media is an easy way to connect with people and businesses are using it to reach out with prospective patients. This also helps them maintain an interactive relationship with their existing patients.

Social media itself is also great for posting informative content about dentistry itself, dental procedures and oral health. In fact, links to new blog posts can be posted on social media and be optimized on the web with SEO driven text.

6. Distributing electronic newsletters & brochures

Creating monthly e-newsletters is quite an effective way of reaching patients on a regular basis. It also helps in keeping regular patients informed.

For this purpose, it is imperative to produce high-quality content that provides useful information that can relate well to the patients. Patients should also be given the chance to opt-out of them if they want to.

Likewise, sending new and prospective customers e-brochures is also a good way of attracting them to the practice with anything they have to ask.

7. Display social media profiles

It would be wise to display social media profiles, in order to help the practice get noticed among patients. The waiting area is the right place to promote these platforms, by way of placing bold and clear signs in a planned manner around the office where patients can easily find and follow the practice.

Using unique hashtags is also optimal whenever the patients are online on social media.


It should be understood that around 65% of people check for comments, reviews, and other user-created content before choosing any kind of service. Hence, social networking and online interaction is the best way for existing and prospective patients to check out any dental practice.

Creating a responsive website and social media handles will boost online presence. A blog is an invaluable way of creating credibility for the practice, which also raises online queries by means of a Q&A forum. Such also helps schedule appointments for consultancy and information.






About the Author:

Irfan Ahmed is a digital marketing strategist at Branex Inc. He has 11+ years of experience in the I.T industry & he is a guest blogger on various websites. Irfan has worked with various other brands and created value for them.

Interested in contributing to Oral Health Group’s dental blog? Email marley@newcom.ca for more information!

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  1. Errik says:

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