A flowable for all indications – BeautiFil Flow Plus

By Robin Goodman, Dental Tribune America from the ADA

Have you ever considered the possibility that one day there might exist a flowable indicated for Class 1 through 6? Well, this reality is not as far in the future as you might think. Given a faint whisper on the wind, Dental Tribune caught up with SHOFU President and CEO Brian Melonakos during the recent ADA Annual Session in Orlando, Fla., to see if there was more information to be had about such a flowable.

There is a subtle buzz at the SHOFU booth today. Can you share with me what this is about?

Yes, we are talking to selected clinicians about a product that will be launched at the Greater New York Dental Meeting, followed by a broader launch at the Chicago meeting. The product is BeautiFil Flow Plus, and it’s probably the first flowable that is indicated for all indications, Class 1 through 6, due to its outstanding physical properties: flexural strength, compressive strength and outstanding wear.

It was approved for all indications by the FDA, and it was benchmarked against other leading hybrid composites, including our own BeautiFil, which is supported by an eight-year clinical study at the University of Florida.

Which restorations can it be used for?

We expect it to be used in Class 1 and Class 2 posterior restorations as well as the more traditional base and 


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liner and smaller defect indications of more of the traditional flowables. It’s available in two viscosities. One viscosity is 00, which is almost a no-flow, and the other is 03, which is more of a medium-flow viscosity.

Therefore, we’re looking forward to talking more about this product, and, meanwhile, our focus is on restoratives such as BeautiFil II and the very successful BeautiBond, which continues to grow. That’s our seventh-generation bonding agent, of course.

 More information is available from Shofu.

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