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With the abundance of technology coming the way of all dentists, it still remains the cognitive, interpretive and dextrous skills of the individual that enable accurate, sophisticated and purposeful usage of the tools.  CAD/CAM, teeth in an hour is of course specious at best as even the slightest variation from “true” in the creation of a surgical guide can lead to 

Root canal treated molar prepared for CAD/CAM ...

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inaccuracies throughout the process. There is a large chasm between treatment planning and critical thinking and therein lies the core issue of all this technology. You need to be grounded and inculcated in the science, logic and biology of the structures to be renewed and reframed; no gizmo with buttons, bells and whistles is going to remove the foundational perspective necessary in blueprinting a client’s physiologic needs and the means whereby longevity of use, maintenance and sustainability can be achieved.  To that end, even with rudimentary tools, one can achieve excellence; because at the end of the day, IT’S THE SINGER NOT THE SONG.

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