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A new pitch to your community?

Are we beginning to see a change in how dentistry is pitching itself to the community?Partners In Prevention 1

Perhaps, if this ad in a local newspaper is indicative.

The ad says a lot and very little. “Complete health dentistry” is a new brand, one which responds to the overriding preferences of this aging and largely uninsured community in Southern Ontario. 4 out of 10 patients in this waiting room say they purchase these dental services to protect “complete health”.

Complete Health Dentistry


But what is complete health dentistry? Does it also mean “we do implants”, “we do whitening”, and other conventional services too? My guess is yes.

And that is understandable. Patients do need and want these services. But more than anything else, they want more preventive care when they need it — when they become diabetic, experience dry mouth associated with other chronic diseases such as arthritis or Parkinson’s, or get on the treadmill called root caries.

As a patient, I would read this ad in the Oakville Beaver with some interest. It is different, it tugs somewhere in the mind and gut. To me, it is far more compelling that “we do implants”. And to you?

By: Ross Perry
SOURCED:  http://partnersinprevention.ca/a-new-pitch-to-your-community/