A video series!!!! I’m farklempt, talk amongst yourselves…will it float?

From PRWeb – April 27, 2011

Tri Hawk Corporation announced today the premiere of the first in a
series of videos demonstrating the ability of its Talon burs to cut
supposedly impenetrable materials. The 3-minute video can be viewed on
the company’s website (http://www.trihawk.com).

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Inspired by the YouTube sensation “Will It Blend?” videos showcasing
the Blendtec® blender, Tri Hawk’s video series asks the question, “Can
It Cut It?” Each video installment shows Tri Hawk’s crown- and
metal-cutting Talon burs taking on a different material that would seem
to be impossible for a tiny dental bur to cut. All of the video
demonstrations are conducted by Mark Cannon, D.D.S., M.S. Dr. Cannon, a
long-time user of Tri Hawk burs, lectures internationally on numerous
dental topics and maintains a dental practice in Long Grove,Illinois.

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