Advertising for Dental Personnel is an Artform

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by Deb Roberge

Creating effective ads to attract the “right” candidates for your specific practice is something that will not only assist you in locating more appropriate potential employees, but will also streamline the process, reducing the time you invest and the unnecessary stress associated with this often frustrating exercise. Keep in mind that one ad does not fit all!

Team Spirit,December 2006

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I have frequently been asked by dentists to provide them with an ad I’ve used for a clinical dental assistant position or for a hygienist or business administrator. When I’m asked I always respond with “I have many I have constructed over the years,but they were not for your practice, with your specific dynamics, practice culture, or practice style.” It is a known fact that no two practices are alike, so how can we possibly expect that generic verbiage will work for different practice requirements?

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