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Ah Stevie, sob, yer still with us….bless ya boyo!!! (468.83 and climbing)

February 7, 2012
by ken

Rogers, BCE vying for a bite of Apple’s iTV

While the iTV product remains cloaked in secrecy, sources say Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple has approached Rogers and Bell as it actively pursues partnerships with Canadian carriers. “They’re not closed to doing it with one [company] or doing it with two,” said one source who is familiar with the talks. “They’re looking for a partner. They’re looking for someone with wireless and broadband capabilities.” Another source, also speaking on the condition of anonymity, said Rogers and Bell already have the product in their labs. All three companies declined comment. Reid phull artipickle.

For the three of you who read this blog, put on your cogitation helmets. iTV is going to be a large iPAD…and it’s coming soooooooonnnnnn….translate that into patient/staff education, cloud computing, smartphones in the hands of your reps, WiFi’d dental offices, the use of ROGERS new phone call on a pewter transfer to your cell phone and whatever they are going to do with that puppy, the iPADS in your office running Consult Pro – et al….factor in someone who is going to take Dental News Network – see previous post, 2 or 3 back methinks and start thinking of the MAGICAL LITTLE WORD “HUB”…….now imagine a dental company with the smarts to see this integrated vision, a dental publishing house that has a journal, a website, the capacity through it’s parent organization to link and coordinate product websites, continuing education calendar websites, webinars, video simulcasts from a digital coterie of contributors and can you spell HOLY MOTHER MACKREE!!!?? Ponder upon the implications of such seamless integration and remember……well, never mind, you know who you are and what you should remember……….ah, the smell of napalm in the a.m.

I include the photo below because for those of you olde enuff to uhmember Ross Perot, the man was talking about electronic plebiscites back in the 90’s, the use of intranets, think iTRANS as a Canadian Dental Internet where EVERYONE from the industry and profession is connected and imagine how quickly you could move the cursor, what takes years, would take weeks, horrific decisions foisted upon the unsuspecting would meet immediate resistance, surveys and pin point analysis of need, demand, et al, “in a heartbeat” and the day of the committee, per diem, catering bill, and fed and feted executive director would be on the wane……what a wonderful world that would be…………participatory democracy in the style of Athenian Greeks………ah Ross, they laughed at you and your pie charts, if only PowerPoint had been mainstream in those days….

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