Ah them Brits, they know how to market folks where they live….

It’s an olde saw in marketing, goes all the way back to the Mad Men era; if you want them to remember you, then you have to repeat, I repeat, I repeat, I repeat, I repeat the message. Bullet point memos may work in the corridors of corporate whereever, but for real folks,that simply doesn’t fly.  They need to welcome,then embrace the concept or the product and it needs to be branded in the literal and figurative sense in the hearts and minds of potential clients.  One thing to put ads in the paper or on TV or radio, but you have no way of 

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monitoring impact readily. The Internet gives you analytics, better, but no cigar ……….however, if it’s there on a daily basis, then “it is what it is”…..and it becomes part of the fabric of one’s existence, think Kleenex, Google, Mac, et al.

The British Dental Health Foundation wants dental and health professionals to go ‘absolutely dental’ during National Smile Month by helping to plot hundreds of street and place names with fun dental themes.

The Foundation has published the first ever UK Dental Place Map, and it is hoped that everyone involved in dentistry and the health professions will add to the map and join in the fun in time for the start of National Smile Month on 15 May 2011. 
Some of the many addresses and locations plotted on the map so far include Floss Street (London), Drill Lane (Canterbury), Brace Avenue (Gwent), Mouth Lane (Wisbech), Canal Street (Leeds), Surgery Lane (Hartlepool), Wisdom Drive (Hertford), Tartar Road (London), Smiley Court (Northern Ireland), Bracebridge Street (Nuneaton), Scales (North West), Tongue (Scotland), Staines (Surrey), Toothill (Swindon) and Root (North West).

Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, said: ‘It’s important for the image of dentistry that we can show the public a less serious side to our profession.

‘But it is also a chance to help change our image by engaging with the media and showing the public the fun side of the profession.

‘We hope that everyone will scour their local A-Z street maps over the next few weeks and help us to plot a few more locations. We also hope that some dental practices will take photographs of them next to the street or place signs.

‘We’ll upload the photographs onto the National Smile Month website at www.smilemonth.org and we hope that everyone’s efforts will help to create a fantastic story with the media during National Smile Month.’

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