Correcting dysbiosis in the tummy means correcting the host’s diet and the environment of the microbes.

Sound familiar?

An upset of the natural balance in microbes in the mouth results in dental decay and periodontal disease — a condition which surgical intervention (drilling and filling and scraping and scaling) cannot address. Oral dysbiosis is now linked to systemic inflammation, and is implicated like an upset tummy, to other chronic disorders.

Just like in the gut, dental care needs to amend the patient’s diet (and related risk factors such as salivary flow) and to adjust the microbial community on the teeth and under the gum line to deal with these 2 oral diseases.

Changing the patient’s diet and salivary flow are difficult. But resetting the microbial community on the tooth surface, safely and effectively, is rather easy.

Prevora is the answer to oral dysbiosis.

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By: Ross Perry
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