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And a little ferret shall lead them…..

December 20, 2011
by ken

I’m almost finished reviewing the Accessibility Act. There is nothing wrong with the concept, but I am forever in awe of the legislative process and how Joseph Hellerish it is.  That the spirit of  Yossarian leads every committee in history or infuses the titular head is without exemption the sine qua non of how to take something that should be elementally simple and turn it into a labyrinthine boondoggle of epic proportions…….let’s think ENCRYPTION being mandated in Ontario without a process of technologic recommendations to effect standardization of it’s implementation. I am in need of a laugh to dispense with the mind numbing impact of the read…………and so I give you my personal favorite song on this the first day of Hanukah – attribute this to a category that should be designated as your morning smile. The commentary on the funny part of the Accessibility Act has begun in the title….to give you a sense of what is behind the curtain – pot belly pigs can accompany the hearing impaired, monkeys may accompany the mobility impaired, Shetland ponies the autistic, cats and ferrets on a leash for those with anxiety disorders……in the immortal words of Jack Paar – “I kiddd you not!” Stay the course……more later.