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Anti-Buzz: Social Media of the Future

January 24, 2012
by ken

The Buzz: Social media is trending down and of no use to your business.
The Anti-Buzz: It is still be a good tool and will undoubtedly be more so in the future.

Once again we are abuzz about social media and its use for you, the dentist and so I thought I would weigh in again, as time has granted all of us a bit more wisdom since last time. It is a tricky topic because nobody doubts that you need some sort of web presence, and sites like Yelp have reinforced the notion that the Internet is a strong word-of-mouth vector, yet the prospects of a dentist becoming the hippest thing on Facebook are grim enough that you couldnt be blamed for not trying. However, in the spirit of its-still-January-and-Im-looking-to-the-future I would urge caution against complacency: You never know when social – read full article

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