Anticipate the inevitability of a trend…first run movies coming to a home theater near you…

I suggest you read this first……CLICK………..then ask yourself. In a world of upheaval, economic uncertainty, will your client base expect greater and greater innovation from you in regard to educating them on their needs………the old saw of making them want what they need is moving into a entirely new realm of educational platforms, from smart phones to tablets, to Internet TV where they can expect to watch your service mix in HD/3D.  It’s not rocket science to realize that when dental equipment and software is going digital and 3D, that the old days of “here’s


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 your insurance code list for your proposed treatment plan” is soon to go the way of “amalgam”. 

It’s tiresome to pay $20.00 for popcorn and a coke and $20.00 for parking and “x” for a movie and listen to the folks behind you talk too loud and you miss the plot point. Similarily, it’s foolish to expect that the patient remembers the arcane points of your treatment plan an hour or more after the consultation.
It’s time to market services in 3D, in iMOVIE format or whatever trend is to follow……..on a flash drive, through an animation library on your website or through whatever social media network takes prominence. The day has dawned and logos, branding, fancy websites and bells and whistles are only going to be part of the process.
It’s time for the vendors and the folks in practice management to turn this blog and COMMENTS into a true national dialogue of interest, direction,trends,soft launch and future focus on R&D. 24/7/365 informatics is old news…….time for the industry and the suits to realize that mobile platforms with any and all salient and relevant materials for team, the dentist and the client are simply part of doing business in this era.  YOUR THOUGHTS?

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