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From Digital Trends by Geoff Duncan – May 6, 2011

I sincerely expect that in the next year or so, dental industry and practice websites will be infused with APPS to drive business and market services…….one simply needs to follow the trends….

New figures Nielsen show consumers like tablets for portability, and they’re increasingly using them instead of PCs, ereaders, and portable media players.

Tablet computers are all the rage right now–with the Apple iPad still dominating the market–and market research firm Nielsen decided to take a look at why people like tablets and how they’re using the devices. And the results aren’t too surprising: tablet users like the devices because they’re easy to carry around, and they’re increasingly using them instead of traditional PCs, notebooks, netbooks, ereaders, and even portable media players and gaming systems.

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But moreover, you need to look deeper into the infrastructure to recognize where the shift will occur both seismically and otherwise.

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Don’t believe me, believe a recognized expert in the field..

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And for all those dental industry folks, if you haven’t provided your salesforce with smart phones, then the best guess is, lock your doors and put a GONE FISHING sign on your manufacturing and fulfillment centres.

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