Apple brings us closer to quality camera photos with iOS 5

By Molly McHugh June 14, 2011

It’s simply a matter of time before the simplicity of a smartphone and the expanding megapixels of their cameras goes macro with some funky photography APP and voila, chairside pictures are emailed home.

If you’ve been won over by the convenience of the iPhone camera but still haven’t been convinced about the quality, these iOS 5 features might persuade you. The iPhone has become an important part of every camera-happy customer out there.

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 Mobile photos have revolutionized the way we share images as well as the hardware we use. The pocket cam has become ubiquitous with the camera phone for some, and the consistent ease and steady spec upgrades are making it more and more attractive as a primary picture-taking device. Of course, the iPhone camera hasn’t been without its faults, and there have been plenty of things that land it below point-and-shoots. But Apple’s noticed our fanaticism with the camera phone and responded with a slew of new features to iOS 5 that will make your iOS photography sessions more and more like the real thing. Of course if you’ve got anything other than an iPhone 4, you’ll have to make do with the smartphone’s current photo capabilities.

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