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Apple has more money than the US government

July 29, 2011
by ken

The point of posting NON-DENTAL blog entries may confuse some, but it shouldn’t. For organized dentistry to remain viable and relevant, it has to either become entrepreneurial or at the very least create an infrastructure that is a facsimile of a successful business. To whit:

1. Why has it not been mandated that to cut costs and maximize outreach, ALL DENTISTS in Canada must be accessible by email….I don’t care if it’s hotmail, lukewarmmail, or barelytepidmail….it’s incredible that a profession that is embracing 3D whosis and whatsis for every conceivable money making component of it’s service mix is not simply accepting the obvious……GET CONNECTED NOW! The same boobirds who decried “viruses” anon 10 years ago, will pull the olde PIPEDA bromide outta their back pockets; well,there are ways of getting securely connected – for openers – myddsnetwork.com or eDossea.com – once it’s mandated – the avalanche of companies will endlessly appear.

2. Communicate,educate and learn online…….that doesn’t suggest one dismiss REAL TIME EVENTS, or that we should be going back to that olde dinosaur, the webinar, but at the very least, organized dentistry should be creating digital advisory boards and instead of going to DentalTown or whatever, they should be spending our dues to create…drum roll please…….INTERACTIVE discussion forums, THE FAQ page is dead.  PUT COMMITTEE MEMBERS ONLINE – when they vote – make it an electronic plebescite of need, not bias………are we simply reading the insanity in the US or are we going to learn from it. GOD BLESS JEAN CHRETIEN AND PAUL MARTIN – but for them, a very large percentage of Canadian dentists would be on breadlines.

3. Don’t support any dental company that doesn’t advocate social networking – they don’t care about you……..if they cared, they spend their profits ensuring that their growth and your growth are inextricably tied together. YOU ARE THEIR MOST IMPORTANT SHAREHOLDER………….SPEAK UP….IT’S YOUR FUTURE YOU’RE PROTECTING.

Apple is king because they created a seamless linked APPLECENTRIC UNIVERSE.  I for one, would like to see organized dentistry do the same thing for it’s membership………..problem is, there will be a TEA PARTY alliance five minutes after that happens…..but the good thing about being online – THERE IS A DELETE BUTTON……..amazing how irrelevant someone can become if you DELETE THEM OR BLOCK THEM…..

The US Treasury officially has less liquidity than Apple Inc.

Here’s a frightening statistic: Apple Inc. now has more cash on hand than the entire United States federal government. As of Wednesday, July 27, the balance sheet for the US Treasury dipped down to $73.768 billion. That compares to the $76.156 billion Apple has in its deep coffers — a difference of $2.388 billion.



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2 Comments » for Apple has more money than the US government
  1. kerwin says:

    I always wanted to go to a third world country, but thanks to Obama I don”t even need to move. 🙂

  2. Ken Serota says:

    You need to review your history lad. The majority of the deficit comes from Georgie Porgie. Tax cuts for the uber rich and a couple of unnecessary wars…….

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