Are dental companies afraid of social media?

It is what it is, has always rankled me, because it is a mendacious statement at best reflective of a lack of emotion, passion and commitment to anything that could “paint outside the lines”. It should be, “it is what it should rightfully be”.

One has to wonder why more dental companies aren’t scrambling to join the social media train. When Toyota fumbled the ball, wait, let me restate that, when they ran for a touchdown at the wrong end of the field, they wisely in the most unMurdochian way, said mea culpa……and was born along with a discussion forum for it’s car buyers.
There are companies whose “suits” are only interested in personal bonuses and stock options. The time has come however, for a new dynamic in any industry, but specifically in ours where the numbers in terms of gross “sales” are fast approaching 100 billion per year in N. America alone. Read below and then explain it to a dental representative near and dear to your heart and let’s see if we can redirect the flow of fecal matter when necessary – UP, rather than down.

How social media are amplifying customer outrage

In the meantime, you are encouraged to visit, specifically MyDentalChronicles while we begin the process of revising the software on the OH servers and incorporate MyDentalChronicles into The abundance of social networking on MDH will soon appear on this site and blog, hopefully long before there are two moons in the night sky.

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