Are millennials cut out for this job market?

There are so many things going on in this world that are not perceived as impacting on dental practice, BUT THEY ARE!!!  There is absolutely nothing wrong, in fact, it’s an emotional mandate that as professionals, we must grow more and more skilled on a daily basis. It’s consistent with the concept of professionalism. But we’ve come to rely on “gurus” for the management iterations in our practices and frankly, it’s unlikely that folks who were used to “in the can” messages can be as effective in a real time situation as they once were. The lecture you will attend in October is already out of date.

Read the article linked below and ponder upon what we will face in terms of staffing our practices in the coming years. You don’t need to be a PM savant to know that losing a staff person in this highly technological era will cost you at a minimum, 150% of their salary in the short term, and in the long term, the lost income from patients who were dissatisfied and share their dissatisfaction. The power of the Internet is that it brings substantive quantities of information to distill in the shortest possible time….read on McDuff.
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