Avalanche of endodontics on acrylic blocks?

Always found it odd that acrylic blocks were treated in the hotel courses given when each new endodontic file system that was superior to the preceding system and all other company’s systems were launched. I’ve been in practice for 137 years, but never had to treat an acrylic block…….

The far more effective way to learn, aside from ONLINE, is to use cleared teeth that have been accessed…..see for yourself…..found this on a SPECTACULAR SITE – http://yourdentaledge.com/ and you know what – THE INFORMATION WASN’T ENCRYPTEDnudge, nudge, wink, wink……does it disturb anyone other than me that the dentists who are working with the RCDS in Ontario won’t come forward and chat about the encryption process that are so assiduously working to implement….remember, assiduously means you could be making an ASS OUTOF YOU and LEE…

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