Better Dentistry through iPads

For those of you who recognize the name Medtronics from your use of rhBMP, I’d urge you to visit the accompanying link…..CLICK AWAY

My persistence with OH on getting them to build a robust iPHONE and iPAD app will most likely get me a pink slip, but in the immortal words of those with no sense of passion whatsoever, “IT IS WHAT IT IS”.
There are scads of iPAD APPS on Dentistry, but the two that seem most suitable at this time are Dent-Pix and DentALL.  Alternatively, MyDentalHub, a London Ontario based company seems to have understood the needs of this dental education platform and is an industry leader in my opinion and will prove over time to be a persistent front runner in embracing the changes that are literally occurring weekly in digital education formats….
Factor in APPLE TV on your in operatory plasma and you have a most powerful tool for your treatment planning from the simple to the most complex.  Now add in a connection to something you’ve posted on YOUTUBE and suddenly,you’re a “rock star”.
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