Bring your “A” not “Eh!” game……

Between singing and dancing websites (ease up on the text folks, it’s a visual medium, social networking as a marketing tool, a new piece of digital equipment hitting the marketplace daily and the fact that you want to choke one staff member a day, life can be arduous for a dentist. What’s even worse is figuring out how to out market the three other guys and/or gals kitty corner to your office.

There is a way……….to pick trends at least. SCHOLAR.GOOGLE.COM – open your browser type this in and then type DENTAL NEWS in the search box
Map of cbCT location009.jpg

When you get to the next screen – CREATE ON CREATE EMAIL ALERT

Map of cbCT location010.jpg

THEN ASK FOR UP TO 20 ALERTS and sift the wheat from the chaff………..easy peasy way to figure out what’s NeXT!!!!!

Map of cbCT location011.jpg

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