Building a Result-Oriented Content Marketing Strategy for Dentists

by Roman Shvydun

We all know how important dental hygiene is—but we don’t always know which clinic is best suited for us. 

So what do we do?

We Google it and book an appointment with the clinic that appears at the top of our search results. 

This is what good-quality content does for dental services. It helps maximize your business potential by placing your information right where the customer is looking. So, if you are a dentist looking for ways to expand your reach and renovate your content marketing strategies to build a brilliant digital persona, then this article is for you.

Let’s step further into the conversation and give you some great tips to get you started in the right direction.

Basics of Content Marketing

Content marketing is the process of ideating and creating content for your websites, blogs, and social media pages, keeping in mind your target audience (in this case, potential patients).

A good content marketing strategy helps you rank high on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo while establishing credibility for your business, in turn helping you get more clients. 

What Makes Content Marketing So Important?

Content marketing is an essential tool that helps you create value for your business. It allows you to share relevant content directed towards a defined set of audiences.

Additionally, it gives you more clarity on what customers are looking for, which helps you bring in more clients for your service. 

But that’s not all. Here are a few other ways in which content marketing can prove beneficial for your service. 

  • It provides you with metrics related to your industry that can be used to create targeted content.
  • It helps you build more brand awareness and boost your image in your industry and community.
  • It helps you leverage the power of social media and thereby get more involved in the newer ways of marketing your services.

Content marketing is a reliable way to get desired results for your business, but nothing succeeds in the marketing world without a proper strategy to back it.

Creating a Strong Content Marketing Strategy

A content marketing strategy is a way of mapping and planning the content you need to push out at various stages of your sales process. 

Additionally, it helps you recognize which platform works best for you, which mode of communication is preferred by your customers, and the resources you need to allocate.

Here’s what you need to do to draft a winning content marketing strategy before starting your blog.

Get Your Research on Point

The first aspect you need to establish in the process is defining the content you want to feature. 

You might have used the best website builder for your service, but if your content doesn’t provide value to your prospective customers, it won’t fetch the desired results.

The key is to catch the nerve of what your audience mostly looks at, do your research, and then break that information down into simpler terms for people to understand. 

Here’s what you can do.

  • Talk to your patients. Engage with your clients and try to understand what they’re looking for in your service. 

You can also send out a survey questionnaire to your existing clients or ask your staff and fellow colleagues about the topics patients frequently talk about. 

You’ll notice that some of these questions are common. Map them and use them as topics for your blogs and articles.

  • Google it. Use Google to your advantage to understand what your competitors are talking about. This is also a good place to learn about trending topics people are interested in. Say you search for the best ways to clean your teeth. The subset to this topic could be:
    • The right way of brushing your teeth
    • The perfect night-time routine for cleaner teeth

These are topics people will genuinely be interested in knowing more about.

  • Keyword search. Keywords are specific words you type while searching for a particular product or service. You can use tools like Google Adwords to conduct a keyword search in your niche and get multiple topics that people specifically look for. 

Include these keywords in your content for a wider reach and visibility on search engines. 

Once you have your research sorted, it’s time to put all of it into a flow using a calendar. 

Create a Content Calendar

Creating a content calendar is a process of arranging data you’ve collected through various methods and placing them into a proper flow. 

Here’s what you need to do to create your own calendar.

  • Use a spreadsheet to add all the content you’ve researched and mapped.
  • Prioritize that data in the order of preference and importance.
  • Assign relevant values like budget, time to draft, and target audience.
  • Ensure that each of these topics has a set deadline for creation and publication.
  • Color code the spreadsheet in three formats; done, in process, pending.
  • Add all the important information like writers, dates of publication, reading time, and so on.

A content calendar helps you minimize your errors and streamlines your content creation process. Once you have this in order, it’s time to get to the main task.

Drafting Content

First things first, always stay clear of heavy medical jargon and keep your target audience in mind while drafting your blog. Your website or articles should not look like medical essays; instead, they should carry a familiar and friendly appeal. 

Choose your words very carefully and talk to your audience in the same way you would probably talk to them in person. If the topic is related to a complicated surgical procedure, leverage visual mediums. Videos are easier to understand and carry active context, which makes them a preferred way to communicate complex data.

Once you have your content drafted, it is time to push it out on your digital channels.

Promote Your Content

Promoting your content is important so it can reach a wider number of people who might end up using your service. There are a lot of marketing automation tools that do the job for you in a jiffy. Create a profile, add your information, and use technology to your benefit. 

You can also create your own paid promotional campaigns on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram to make your service more visible. 

Blast emails are another great way to promote your content. Summarize your blog into an infographic or newsletter using newsletter software to present data in a creative format. Use email programs to manage your campaign.

Remember that not many dentists leverage the power of social media and content promotion. So, take advantage of the data and always stay one step ahead in the game.

Gather Insights

No strategy is complete without analyzing the results. Insights help you understand:

  • If your content is directed towards the right audience
  • If your resources are allocated in an intended manner 
  • If your customers are engaging with your content

Capture your insights using tools like Google Analytics or HubSpot and use these metrics to learn more about your ROI and content success rate.


A good content marketing strategy for your dental service can have a significant impact on your clientele. 

When you provide valuable content through blogs, videos, and streams on your website and social media pages, it helps you connect with people on a personal level. While it is a great way to gather new clients for your service, it also comes in handy to stay relevant to your existing clients. Give it a shot and you won’t regret putting in all the hard work.


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