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CAD/CAM technologies are EXPLODING!!

February 21, 2011
by ken

From Dental Tribune:

Two new products from Sirona Dental Systems have been named among 2010’s most innovative tools for the dental laboratory industry by the Journal of Dental Technology (JDT). Sirona’s inEos Blue desktop scanner and CEREC and inLab Biogeneric software share the honor as 2010 WOW! winners.


For the sixth annual WOW! issue, the Journal of Dental Technology gathered an independent panel of laboratory technicians to help identify the most ground-breaking products, services and equipment available to dental technicians. Determining factors for this year’s list were based on products that exemplify quality and substantially save time and money. Panelists reviewed more than 40 nominated products to choose the twelve winners.

Some of the winning features highlighted in the publication were the time and money saved using Sirona’s Biogeneric software, as the generated restoration proposals created using the software are usable with no or minimal modifications. Furthermore, the software provided a substantial reduction in internal remakes.

In addition, the JDT panel of judges found that by using Biogeneric software, the overall restorative quality is improved by the software’s ability to replace subjective occlusal anatomy design with objective, scientifically proven anatomy 
design methods.

The WOW! factor was defined as the software’s efficient approach to clinically and functionally viable mass-customization of individualized restorative occlusal surface anatomy.

The inEos Blue desktop scanner was placed on the winning list for its time- and money-saving aspects. According to the JDT panel of judges,using the inEos Blue saves time by producing more units daily than is possible with the standard method.

Moreover,the accuracy of the scans makes the dental technician more efficient, thus cutting down on labor costs and providing improved overall quality of the restoration.

The WOW! factor of the inEos Blue is stated as follows: “As the demand for CAD/CAM restorations increases, you can be confident in providing high-end restorations at twice the level of productivity.”

The original WOW! nomination reflects JDT’s statement by remarking: “I have scanned over 600 units with the new inEos Blue and have had margin issues on two units. The real “WOW” factor is that as my demand for CAD/CAM restorations increases, I will be confident in providing my accounts with high-end restorations while at the same time being twice as productive as the old conventional methods.”

“Sirona is extremely pleased that two of our latest solutions for dental professionals have been featured by JDT and embraced by the dental industry,” said Roddy MacLeod, vice president CAD/CAM. “Since 2005, Sirona has won five WOW! awards and we plan to continue to WOW! the industry with innovative services and products that surpass the market’s expectations.”

Past WOW! honors for Sirona include a 2005 win for the inEos Dental Digitizer. In 2006 Sirona received a WOW! award for its revolutionary infiniDent service, and in 2008 Sirona shared the honor with Ivoclar Vivadent for IPS e-max CAD restorations through CEREC Connect.


Scanning in a new light.

The inEos Blue scanner sets new standards for dental laboratory digitalization, thanks to its unique Bluecam technology, upgraded scan software and new user-friendly features.



Reliable in every respect.

Proven design features, optimized functions, plus the versatile inLab 3D software: inEos Blue is the perfect scanner for your dental lab. The inEos Blue combines intuitive operation with a complete spectrum of user-friendly features.



Low capital outlay and flexible upgrading.

The inEos Blue is the low-cost stepping stone to CAD/CAM technology “made by Sirona” – either as a stand-alone unit in combination with infiniDent Sirona’s centralized production service or in combination with your own inLab milling unit.



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