Calling all vendors – line up for our new initiative – the Clinical eChronicle of Treatment Outcomes

Education and business are truly not that different. They work off similar models.  The original model for all things is the Ten Commandments – if you really look beyond the obvious, you’ll see the first five represent a relation with GOD, or a profession or an industry, and the second 

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five commandments are about how people interact with one another. If Harvard or Wharton or the London School of Economics can come up with a better description of an ideal business model, I’ll stand down as blog editor.

All the brouhaha about digital this, that and the other,causes serious agitas and angst in the business community. They seem to get digitizing the equipment to enhance sales or taking advantage of digital technology to upsell their product lines; the application of digital to education and the provision of patient education resourcing still seems to throw a curveball to many.  
As our new blog effort begins,I’d like to acquaint the three or four of you who read this with the raison d’etre behind moving to 3D graphics and animation. It is a given in industry, that industrial design must be seamlessly integrated into product development. Perhaps it’s time for the dental industry to recognize the same.  You build product based on science and you validate the science with education and the design of both should be seamless and transparent.
The accompanying vignette on how to draw an eye drives home the point. For those of you who see this as psychobabble and esoteric baloney and irrelevant to the practice of dentistry – you’re wrong.  Most of us weren’t trained like this in dental school, but future dentists will be and very shortly. If you still don’t buy into the premise, then download the documentary referenced. If that doesn’t make the point, at the very least you will have become aware of a new level of sophistication for office design and renovation. Tis a brave new world Aldus.
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