Calling Out to Canadian Dentists

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Hope for Haiti is a small group of volunteers located
St. Marys, Ontario. The group
was formed in 1990.  They spent their first few years working in
.  In 1992 they visited Haiti and worked in Lature, a mountain
area about twenty miles from Jacmel; the city where Canadian Forces landed
after the recent earthquake.


the first years in
Haiti, the group replaced 66 rotting
thatched roofs with new metal roofing that would allow the natives to collect
rain water.  Between 1998 and 2008, Hope for Haiti has be instrumental in
the construction and development of a schoolhouse in Lature,a medical clinic
in the mountains near Gilbert,and a housing project for healthcare workers.


In the
fall of 2009 Hope for
Haiti came in possession of
equipment for three dental operatories. The items donated included cabinetry, dental
chairs with overhead lighting, and x-ray equipment..  Our  Hope for
Haiti members have been able to modify
it to be operational in
Haiti‘s 3rd world
conditions.  One of the units will be sent to our clinic in Gilbert
(this unit will operate with solar power) while the others go to Saint Marc and
Port Au Prince. All of the dental equipment is set to be shipped by container
and sent to
Haiti.  After the units arrive in
Haiti, they will be installed by our
Hope for
Haiti team.


Hope for Haiti is asking the dental community (both
dentists and dental companies) to help us complete the equipping of these
dental operatories. We are requesting donations of lightly used but working
equipment such as amalgamators, dental handpieces, curing lights, laboratory
equipment etc. Hope for
Haiti is willing to offer tax receipts
for all donations.

(  a dental co-operative located in
London Ontario, has agreed to generously donate
some day-to-day consumable dental products to this initiative.


these units are installed and workable they will attract dental teams and
dental short term missionaries.  Wouldn’t you like to be part of this project?


Thank you
from Hope for


further information please contact:


Murray Mitchell

Box 61 

St. Marys, Ontario Canada  N4X 1A9




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