Canadian patient education software showcased world-wide

Dr. Reena Gajjar CEO of MyDentalHub was recently interviewed by Dental Tribune International. Dr. Gajjar, in collaboration with Melissa Summerfield, Catherine Wilson and the Biz Group, will in short order link MyDentalChronicles off to the new server running – I’m finally going to get BUDDY PRESS and we can go VIRAL – huzzah!!!  

MyDentalChronicles is a self posting clinical case reporting blog. There is a detailed tutorial about how to post your cases. The goal of this alliance and all the affiliated blogs is to keep Canadian dentists informed and in turn CONNECTED.  It’s not a vanity project, it has no commercial association, nothing is being sold but education, and the goal is if I may be so bold, DENTAL FACEBOOK. Take that Mark what’s your name worth 143 billion dollars.
No matter how sophisticated and technologically astute we become, we never lose the need to learn, to endlessly learn.  It’s a wonderful beginning to introducing Canadian dentists to one another…..come join the party.

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