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Ever have a great idea bubbling in your brain that you share with one or two colleagues throughout the day? An idea to minimize tasks, bring new patients to your practice or how to save on expenses? Sharing your idea with one or two people usually means that’s as far as goes.

Karen-Zapora1_thumbEveryone agrees that your idea will “make our patients repeat customers”. However, nobody has taken charge to move the idea forward, or if they have, your idea may not turn out quite the way you envisioned.

You can give your great idea traction to develop into action by writing it down using these simple steps*:

Name it: This helps you begin the thought process and make your idea real
Date it: It will stay an idea until you attach a date, then it forces an action
Purpose: What do you want to accomplish?
Importance: What’s the biggest difference this will make?
Best result: If you do take action
Worst result: If you don’t take any action
Success criteria: What 8 things have to be true when this project is finished?

If you can’t complete all the steps, then your great idea needs more thought before you involve others. If you can complete all the steps, you’ll be excited when you realize that it CAN be done! You now have a useful plan to turn your idea into reality with a project team. The individuals on your team will be empowered to develop and share their own ideas and create movement in your practice.

I love this quote by Mary Ann Rodmacher “At first glance, it may appear too hard. Look again. Always look again.”

For more, please visit: http://transitionsonline.com/blog/tuesdays-with-transitions/capture-the-brain-power-in-your-practice.html.

Author: Karen Zapora
TGNA’s Financial Manager
Find out more about Karen: http://transitionsonline.com/about/karen-zapora

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