Carrier based obturation or calamity based obfuscation

From my favorite Satan Barbarian endude:

This is full cycle.  Thermafilth obturation by another endodontist, Tooth split, I got to extract and look at the apical condensation around the curve by shaving the root, I placed the implant today after complete socket healing.  I was amazed with only 3 ½ mm height of bone I was able to get 35 NcM torque and excellent primary stability. You can see the complete apical 2/3 of the implant visible through the open lateral sinus window lifting up the Schneiderian membrane.  I placed a Biomend membrane over the window. A great clot formed over the implant, no graft and sutured/buried it with a cover screw. 

You can see from the shaved root why I call it Thermafilth. 



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