cbct guided decision making on separated instrument case

Dear rooters,


Here’s a case I ve completed recently where I would love to read your comments on the necessity of the CBCT imaging in cases like that!

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Konstantinos Kalogeropoulos


The .pdf at this link accompanied the message files.me.com/ken.serota160/oi8dp1 

If you have problems downloading it, try 

Public Folder https://public.me.com/ken.serota160 or contact me directly.

It is the vision for this blog that similar eCASE REPORTS are forwarded from Canadian dentists and that they be embellished by sophisticated graphics and animations to be derived from some of the incredible talent we have here in Canada – MyDentalHub.com — the Biomedical Illustrators from U of T and Sheridan college…..it’s a new day in dental education.  Case reports are immediate, articles take over a year to reach publication while with discussion forums, information is refereed in a way heretofore not possible with dispatch.


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