cbCT should be pervasive – not in Ontario? – pity!!!!!

CBCT/3D Webinar Series

Focused-Field CBCT/3D in Daily Endodontic

Emanuele Ambu

June 24, 2010 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

The introduction of CBCT/3D technology
has been of great interest for endodontists because it makes it possible to
study and analyze the root canal systems and other endodontic diseases. In
particular, focused-field of view devices make it possible to analyze restricted
areas, i.e. those endodontically important, with minimal radiation to patients.
Through the introduction of several clinical cases, Dr. Ambu will analyze the
different uses of focused-field CBCT in endodontics. Special care shall be paid
to the comparison of costs and benefits to patients. 

To Register:  http://eamer.kodakdental.com/en-GB/about-us/Events/Webinars.aspx 

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