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PreXion offers lower radiation CBCT system
By DrBicuspid Staff

February 18, 2011 — PreXion plans to showcase its new 3D cone-beam CT (CBCT) system, the PreXion3D Elite with CLEARimage scanning technology, at the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting next week.

The new system incorporates PreXion’s CLEARimage technology, which produces high-quality, high-definition images while reducing radiation exposure by up to 53% in a fast 8.6-sec scan, the company said.

The system also offers up to a 53% reduction in radiation exposure and up to a 50% reduction in scanning time, according to PreXion.

The enhanced PreXion3D software incorporates, and is integrated with, implant planning tools that allow clinicians to quickly and easily locate and mark the mandibular canal and nerves and place virtual implants, the company said. VISIT THEIR WEBSITE

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The following is from a forum I’ve proctored since 1998. Endodontics is the focus and sadly, that is the primary driver, although implants are now grabbing traction. Ignore the spelling mistakes, the grammatical issues, English is not the first language of the contributor and then ask yourself, could you not send along a few images and some figure legends and could we not turn this blog into

An animated gif of MRI images of a human head....

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a major driving force for collegial education…….you have nothing to lose and a world of potential not pain to gain…..think about it and JUST DO IT.

….thread began before this posting, the objective was the raison d’etre for decompression prior to endodontics of a large cystic area.  *Indeed Raf, and I could add that the main reason we want the lesion to become smaller, is the fact that these large lesions often encompass surrounding anatomical structures such as the apices of neighboring teeth, nasal antrum, maxillary sinus, etc. So enucleation of such a large lesion poses the risk of unnecessarily devitalizing teeth or surgical complications such as communication with anatomical structures.

Attached is a decompression case I started this week. Necrotic 12 with large LEO. Even after several weeks of Ca(OH)2, I was never able to get the canal completely dry and the symptoms never disappeared completely. Let’s see if we can decrease or even heal the lesion in this way. Keep you posted on this one.



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