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Certify me, certify you blues – my aunt Fannie!

March 6, 2011
by ken

All this vituperation about small FOV cbCT may well get me in trouble, but frankly, it’s worth it if enough folks get the message and make a little noise. I’m not suggesting that anyone take over Crescent Street and block traffic, although……

Tooth 17 needs root canal treatment - X-ray be...

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From a ROOTER – Made this screen capture you tube video few weeks ago. It’s a great tool to share what you are seeing with your referrals and your patients. I had retreated this case found Mb2, it had a recurrent sinus tract after a year. CBCT helped planning surgery here- especially with sinus proximity and definitely in informed consent, presenting the treatment options to the patient. I also wanted to highlight – comparing the axial views which show the Mb2 on the retreated  # 3 ( upper right first molar) versus none found the root canal on tooth # 14. 



FOR THOSE WHO ARE INTERESTED….There is a series of webinars/simulcasts on cbCT in March and April………if y’all post to this blog entry,I will provide the dates and links……this is not advertising,it’s educational share and care, but I have to feel the “love” to know it matters.




Rajiv Patel – ENDUDE

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