Certify me, certify you blues – understanding the “math” of cbCT

The server that supports this blog had an IT aneurysm yesterday, lost several postings. This one in particular was really important and worth a repost……..

Many thanks to one of my personal heroes, Dr. Marc Balson, the CE director of the New Jersey Association of Endodontics for allowing “us” to share the files listed below. Dr. Gary Carr and Dr. John Khademi, two of the philosopher kings of endodontics, presented on small FOV cbCT at the March meeting. Marc embraced the concept of real time presentations and simulcasts using a blackout radius some years back.  Our own Craig Wilson of Compudent Systems Inc., in Concord, Ontario did the first of them and a wonderful new educational format was instituted for the association. Attendees from around the world shared the knowledge with those in the auditorium at the dental school SIMULTANEOUSLY proving you can be two places at the same time, or something like that.

And download
While the content is endodontic, the science is CBCT and imperative that it be understood. It’s a true course in the math of CBCT – ONLINE – whodda thunk it eh hoser??

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