Challenges Facing the American/Canadian Dental System – Are They Solvable?

From – June 1st, 2011

Oral health has long been the subject of debate. Many believe, and studies have proven, that effective oral care is essential to overall general health and well-being. Unfortunately, there are currently millions of Americans who simply do not have access to affordable dental health services.

Understanding why these citizens cannot receive the dental care that they need is important in solving the current problems with the dental system in the United States and providing critical dental care to those in need.

Oral health problems can be an early sign of another,more serious disease. Left untreated, oral health conditions can become more serious and cause tooth loss as well as other life-threatening illnesses. Regular dental care can help to prevent and effectively treat many problems with oral health but there are a number of Americans who have financial barriers that restrict them from having access to this dental care.

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