Chronic Facial Pain – What Dentists Who Treats Chronic Pain Patients Should Know About Central Pain

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A New York Times article published July 18, 2011 discusses chronic pain and the importance of understanding its origin as a problem that is not always related to disease or injury.  And, according to Melanie Thernstrom cited in the Times article, who is a patient and chronic pain sufferer from Vancouver, Washington,

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when a specific underlying physical problem is not defined “chronic pain is not treated, it’s dismissed and the patient falls down the rabbit hole” (Giving Chronic Pain a Medical Platform of Its Own)

This is not only a problem with patients who experience back, stomach, post-pregnancy, arthritic, and neck/head pain but also chronic pain associated withTemporomandibular disorders as well.  In fact, current research suggests that chronic TMD pain is just as intense and debilitating as pain of other regions of the body.

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