Clinical – Failed revascularization and bleaching (Abiotic staining)

Last posting of the year……..from a student in Philadelphia who gets the concept of sharing and caring….it’s the information, it’s how we learn best…….comment away mes enfants, the mind you save may be your own.

Here is a case of a 11 year old female patient. I had lost track of her at one point because her family moved to Puerto Rico. Well they ended up moving back and she presented with extensive antibiotic staining. Total treatment time has been 1+ year and the patient is now asymptomatic and without swelling. In this case you will find the revasc and bleaching steps that were taken. The original revasc did NOT work, so we repeated the revasc steps—hopefully it will work this time.  If not, an MTA plug will be utilized.


Enjoy and Happy Holidays! Any advice is much appreciated!




Farid Brian Shaikh D.M.D.

Albert Einstein Medical Center

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