Clog – Controlled dentin preparation with Smart Bur 2

by George Freedman DDS, FAACD, FADFE, FACD

1. The excavation of deep decay with a metal carbide bur carries the risk of not only removing infected dentin, but also unintentionally cutting away affected dentin.





2. This may cause an inadvertent iatrogenic pulp exposure.





3. Smart Burs 2 (SSWhite) are 2nd generation polymer burs that are harder than infected dentin, but softer than affected or healthy dentin.





4. The slowly rotating Smart Bur 2 effectively removes decay.





5. When the Smart Bur 2 comes into contact with affected or healthy dentin, it stops cutting; if forced, it will wear itself away as it is softer than the healthy tissues.





6. The CarieScan Pro (CarieScan) verifies the presence of decay in the tooth.





7. The Great White carbide bur (SSWhite) is for rapid and thorough cavity preparation as far as the dentin.





8. The remaining soft decay is removed with a Smart Bur 2 at 500rpm or slower.



9. The Smart Bur 2 has removed the infected dentin, leaving behind the affected dentin that can be treated with remineralization and routine restoration.