CLOG – Digital literacy enables you to learn by and from example!!

This is an endo related post. For those who are upset about my antipathy towards single file endodontics, rest assured, it will not be referenced, nor should you take away any sense that endodontic microsurgery and single file endodontics are mutually inclusive.  It’s a blog folks, take from it what you will.  I want to showcase brilliance today and link it to the literature and the finest example of online education available, Dental XP………Clicking on the link will unfortunately NOT allow you to view the cases shown………however, we are working on a solution that would in some way shape or form enable Oral Health visitors to “sample” the cases sent in email blasts using a specific code……..keep the faith, it’s digital, everything is possible and in a heartbeat………..


Double clickez-vous on the images – they are from Leandro Pereira – if you are looking for a speaker for your study group – lad is from Brazil….so is Newton Fahl….bring him to an auditorium near to you at the earliest.


Afore you double click – read this……….Five-Year Longitudinal Assessment of the Prognosisof Apical Microsurgery