Cone Beam CT of Carotid Artery Densities

From Medscape by Robert A. Danforth, DDS; Edward E. Herschaft, DDS, MA                             Posted: 01/10/2012

This case report describes the history and significance of regional neck calcifications commonly observed on panoramic and cone beam (CB) CT radiographs in dental practice. CBCT is a low-dose cross-sectional technique for visualizing bony structures in the head and neck and is increasingly used for point-of-service head, neck, and dentomaxillofacial imaging.[1] Imaging characteristics and differentiation of anatomic regional neck hyperdensities from calcified carotid artery atheroma (CCAA) are discussed in this case. Proper identification and assessment of these calcifications can assist the clinician in determining appropriate medical referral and dental management for the patient.

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