Considerations for your reception area – think Starbucks

This is probably the weirdest blog entry I’ve posted, but, I feel it has merit.  We have looked at retail stores and wondered what it is that makes people feel comfortable and hang around and have tried to emulate that feel in our reception area. No chairs lined up against a chair rail on the wall

Starbucks logo

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; rather love seats and puffy chairs, club seating, et al.  The two things that have helped immeasurably are making sure folks waiting for patients have access to WiFi either with iPAD2’s we loan them or we give them our WEPKEY for their laptops et al.

But the biggest surprise of all has come from the inclusion of Nespresso and Keurig coffee makers.  You can go really elitist and include the JURA –, but the Nespresso Latissima is exceptional and the Keurig system is also a wonderful value.  We’re not quite baristas as yet, but we add in these amazing cookies from a shop in Oakville (Elmhill cookies), biscotti made by the team members and somehow,it plays out just like you’d imagine in Starbuck’s…folks chit chat,the tone of the reception area is convivial rather than austere and it opens up a whole raft of topics for discussions. We added a WiFi printer so recipes that show up on the iPADS are printed out before folks leave. It’s a brave new world Aldus……and no one really knows which way it’s headed or what will work…….ergo, embrace the best of the best and stay the course.

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