Content Marketing for Dentists: How to Create Amazing Posts

by Frank Hamilton

As a dentist, you’re certain that people visit dental clinics regularly. Still, like every business, you need to market your product or services. However, how do you show potential patients that your practice is the one they should trust to take care of their dental health? How do you stand out from other competing dental clinics in the area?

If you’re stuck for ideas or wondering where to start, content marketing is the way to go. It offers a cost-effective strategy to build your dental brand and connect with more clients. Content marketing helps you pass across the right message to your target audience to take action. The content could be a blog post, social media posts, videos, podcasts, webinars, infographics, etc. More importantly, it should be informative, relevant, and engaging.

Now here are some tips to help you create amazing posts for your content marketing for your dental clinic.

Find Out Your Niche Areas 

The first step towards creating content for your dental service is to research your niche area. It helps when you have a better understanding of your existing and potential customers’ needs. This way, you have an idea of how to create content for posts that they’ll find more engaging. Your research could include, looking at what other dentists in the area are writing about. You can also speak to your existing customers or lookout for trends to give you an idea of what people are interested in.

An excellent place to search for new trends is on your social media trending topics or Google Trends. A tool like Google Trend provides features that allow you to draw up topic search results. For instance, cavities are a common problem for patients of all ages; as such it can be a common trending topic under oral care. Also, statistics show that in Canada, about 57% of children age 6-11 and 59% age 12-19 dealt with cavities, respectively.

So, for a dentist within the region, you can easily pick on the topic of cavities. Then you can create a post educating parents on the need to have their kids examined.

Furthermore, the data from Google Trends provides you with the top sub-regions where there’s more interest in the search topic. And likewise, it shows the period within the year when your search topic peaks in each sub-region. For example, while the interest in cavities might be higher in Alberta, the interest in the topic might be very low in Etobicoke. With such information, you are well-guided on how to create and market the right content to grow your dental practice depending on your location.

Know What Kind of Content Your Capable of Creating

When it comes to content marketing, it can take any form. These include newsletters, blogs, social media posts, videos, pictures, podcasts, infographics, etc. From these options, you need to find the one that best suits how you wish to engage with your target audience. It is therefore very vital that you pick according to your strengths. Let’s consider some of these content formats and a few tips that I found useful:

  • Blogs: creating blog posts for your dental practice requires having the ability to write informative and engaging strong copies. You could also mix it up with some visual images or videos for better illustrations. However, as a new dentist, if you want to start a blog but struggle with writing, you can always get help. When I started out, I used a lot of professional writers to help write my paper and create excellent content for my blog.
  • FAQS: another content format that your audience would love is the FAQS. Patients want to know what to expect before any medical procedure. Thus, with FAQS, you can give them a quick fact sheet about your dental services and procedures. They can be added to your website, social media, brochures, newsletters, etc.
  • Infographics: the use of infographics for complex data breaks it into a more readable format. If you wish to create content using infographics, ensure that your graphics have the right colours, shapes, and fonts. With the right design skills, you can capture your target audience’s attention and convey your message. Your information must also be accurate and contextually relevant.
  • Videos: video marketing statistics show that consumers have a higher preference for online videos. Creating short and educative videos can do a lot of good for your marketing campaign. Of course, you’ll require having the right equipment and likewise the charisma and confidence in front of the camera. Video content can be added to your website landing page to help increase your conversion rates by as much as 80%. 
  • Newsletters: they are excellent channels for providing tips about your dental services. They help in lead conversion, engaging existing customers, and strengthening brand loyalty. You can let the audience in on your latest services, new dental technology, and discounts. A newsletter can also be used to redirect people to your social media platforms, website or blogs by adding live backlinks to them.
  • Custom Photos: these are the most common and budget-friendly form of visual content to share. However, when posting photos of your dental service, you need to do it right. Ensure that the pictures you make use of are contextually relevant. It can help you get up to 94% more views on a post. Using clear images are also a must, as blurry pictures do not promote your content in the best light. While you might want to rely on stock images, I’ve found that original images add a personal touch to your content. It also shows a true picture of what your potential clients can expect.

Don’t Forget to Include Your Credentials

The content marketing strategy you put out as a dentist is to build trust with potential patients. To help build this trust, you need to show exceptional character and competence. You can achieve this via your credentials. By highlighting your license, certification, areas of expertise, experiences, awards, and memberships in dentistry, your audience has more confidence in patronizing your services.

With several other dentists practicing within different areas in Canada, you need to stand out from your competitors. These credentials can be posted on your website, social media profiles, blogs, etc., to attract patients who seek premium dental care. Not only will it give the patient more trust in your services, but it will also differentiate you from the local competition.

However, do not fake or buy dissertation, certifications or awards to impress your audience. It would defeat the aim of building trust. Be honest about your credentials and keep improving on yourself and dental practice. With time you’ll build a robust career that gives you enough content to sell your services.


If this is your first time creating content for your dental service, it might feel a bit strange. But with these tips and constant practice, you’ll improve dramatically, which will lead to a successful dental content campaign.

It’s about knowing your niche area and understanding your audience better. That way, you can decide on the best type of content to create. It could be a blog, newsletter, podcast, video, etc. Also, you want it to be relevant, educative, and clear. These will help to increase exposure for your dental services and grab potential patient’s attention, ahead of your competitors.

About the Author

Frank Hamilton has been working as an editor at service, where professionals will write my research paper for me. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.